Today’s little adventure calls for me to be a little more than just a slob who can make food that’s edible. I must transform into the Gordan Ramsey of Cannabis, The Jamie Oliver of Marijuana. Let’s get serious, for today’s recipe you will need:

  • 4 slices of bread
  • A dollop of Peanut butter
  • A shit ton of Nutella (other chocy spread brands are available)
  • 1 to 2 teaspoons of medicated herb. The good stuff.

This recipe will serve two. Let’s get fucking cooking.

16:41 – I’ve just taken those ingredients and mashed them into something that resembles two sandwiches. One slice for each of us has Nutella and other peanut butter, PeaNutella sandwiches I call them. I sprinkled a healthy helping of weed on to the Nutella side and closed up the Bud butties. They’re in the fridge wrapped up in tinfoil at the moment, I read that you should give the THC time to bind to the fats. It didn’t seem necessary to do it the last time we enjoyed a spoonful of medicated peanut butter, but it would be interesting to see what effects differ. For now, it’s time to explore JustEat and get some food in our bellies before we embark on our next journey!

20:21 – Well, this is interesting. The Mrs is on the phone to her Mum talking about the sandwiches we just ate, and the herb vape we use too. I think I will be making three sandwiches next time… We’re only 15 mins in from the initial ingestion, so still some time to go before we get high. I have to say, I much prefer the butty method over just dumping weed into a mug of coffee, so much tastier and less grainy. After that brew, I could feel the herb in my teeth and stuck to my throat, I do not recommend.

Cannot taste the weed at all here, these sandwiches are doing a great job of masking the fact you are just chewing away at burnt plant. Maybe there’s no weed in it, maybe some greedy cunt in the flat has sniffed it out and picked it all out and carefully wrapped it all back up in tinfoil. Maybe I’m just being a bit paranoid. Got my tin foil hat on for now anyway, might be the weed talking.

21:38 – I have decided to wear sunglasses now. I just think they look cooler than not having sunglasses on. To be quite honest, everything looks fucking cooler in these. I’m pretty high and enjoying the work through grey tinted glasses.

“I want to get off the boat Captain, let me off the boat” is not something you expect to hear every day from your girlfriend. But, hey-ho, it’s what she just said to me. That should be a really good indicator to the level off high she is at right now.

The Next Morning…

11:01 – Well, that didn’t go as planned. I had a cheeky vape and sure enough, it started the ball rolling and I did end up getting pretty baked last night. Unfortunately, the Mrs had gone from her usually loopy self to 100 in terms of fucko’d by the time I’d finished. I should have known from the boat comment I was in for a treat. I recon I put too much weed in the sandwiches, so maybe half a teaspoon would have been enough for us. Lesson learnt. Hey, I can actually say that by writing this blog, I have actually learnt something. After 5 or 6 of these, I may have this ‘Eating a plant’ thing down. So far, so good!

What I’ve learnt so far, I can definitely feel a different sort of high from edibles over smoking or vaping. I feel like we both get more cuddly, sleepy and less hyper and horny. Although, we did wake up at 1:30 in the morning for a quick shag session. It is interesting the concept that you could manufacture a type of high. Kind of weed, ingestion method, amount ingested, these all collate to a type of high. I’m really enjoying the calm and relaxing baked I get when I eat edibles, but on the other hand, The Mrs gets extremely fucked after taking the same amount. I may need to sprinkle a little less for her next time. Eventually, after a few hours, we we’re both lying on the bed, eyes closed and enjoying the falling feeling together. So, in the end, a great success.

If we could figure out how to achieve a balance of quantity and intake method for certain highs I’d wish to achieve, I would be very happy! For now, I can safely say that half a teaspoon for edibles is so far ideal, some more experimentation will be required. As far as intake methods, for edibles so far, I think I will stick to the very successful and tasty PeaNutella sandwich technique, as it tasted amazing and I believe elevated our highs due to the time we allowed the THC to bond to the fats. I may be wrong, but it seemed as if it did make a considerable difference. I also need to stop interfering with the results by avoiding the vape after ingesting. Next time will be more professional and scientific, I promise.

Until next time.